Our Mission

Thanks to the European Union, the same places that were once cradles of Western Civilization are about to put it in its grave. The EU-US Forum exposes the threat of the extreme liberal agenda being peddled by the European Union and is working to reverse its harmful policies.

Uncontrolled illegal immigration, waiting lists for life-threatening diagnoses, free speech under assault… This is the new reality in countries across Europe and these policies are being imported to the United States.

Through its rigorous research and public awareness campaigns, the EU-US Forum is committed to putting a stop to the radical policies coming out of the EU and ensuring it becomes a home to the common sense policies that have helped Western Civilization thrive for hundreds of years. The future of America and the world depends on the success of this effort.

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War Room

As the only expert, vigilant watchdogs exposing the radical policies coming out of the EU and how they are being adopted across the world, our war room will be your home for real-time insights, expert analyses, and actionable intelligence on the EU developments on the following issue areas:

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  • Business and Corporate Taxation
  • Environmental Policy and Regulations
  • The Erosion of Meritocracy
  • Political Censorship
  • Border and Immigration Policy