April 11, 2024 – EU-US Forum Tip Sheet

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1. BANDAID ON A BULLET HOLE: Germany reports that violent crime in 2023 hit a 15-year high and 50% of those crimes were committed by illegal immigrants. Because of the open border agenda of  EU bureaucrats, Germans are being put in danger and they are not the only European country experiencing this trend. Is this what the Left means when they say diversity is our strength?

Contradictory to this trend, Germany’s legislature passed a law back in January that will shorten the time of residency required for migrants and asylum seekers to become naturalized citizens of the country from eight years to three or five years. But isn’t the point of refugee law that the receiving nation is providing temporary protection for the refugee and the refugee will return to their home country?

When the law is enacted in June, hundreds of thousands to millions of migrants and asylum seekers who have resided in Germany for years will become citizens instantaneously.

More from X:

Yesterday, the European Parliament passed the migration reform package, a massive hit to national sovereignty, an incentive for more immigration, and an open door for human traffickers.

The Pact includes “mandatory solidarity,” requiring all EU countries to take in refugees from Southern Europe, without consideration for nations like Poland that have taken in a million Ukrainian refugees the past two years. It also adds expedited asylum processing that will now take no more than 12 weeks. In 2023, there were over one million applications for asylum in the EU, in addition to almost 400,000 illegal (or as our EU friends like to say – “irregular”) border crossings, but in the Pact, the EU will only relocate 30,000 migrants a year.

This “solution” only applies to internal systems and issues, it does not address the never-ending, incoming flow. This pact does not secure borders and does not come close to solving the EU’s migration problem. It is a bandaid on the deep, wide-open wound of open borders. It does not go to the root of the issue and Europeans are all at risk because of it. This is not a solution.

What They Are Saying: 

  • BREITBART: European Parliament Narrowly Passes Controversial Migration Reforms over Objections from Left and Right
  • @PM_ViktorOrban: The #MigrationPact is another nail in the coffin of the European Union. Unity is dead, secure borders are no more. Hungary will never give in to the mass migration frenzy! We need a change in Brussels in order to #StopMigration !

  • @EUUSForum: Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, is right — we need change in Brussels. The European Union has given in to the mass migration and open border agenda. Their failed leadership must be recognized and corrected in the upcoming elections.

  • @RMXnews: 🇫🇷🇪🇺🔥 “Countries will be forced to welcome thousands of migrants into their towns and villages or pay dearly to be spared!” France’s National Rally President @J_Bardella slams the EU’s proposed #MigrationPact and says European people do not want to be “replaced or submerged.”

  • @hermannkelly: This is what #EUMigrationPact really means: No national control over your country’s borders. Would you allow another man or woman to decide who enters into your family home? No. Then why allow Brussels to decide who and how many economy migrants enter your country. €20k EU fine per migrant is like a punishment beating #IrelandOptsOut #IrelandSaysNO #IrelandisFull Pic taken outside #EuropeanParliament today.

  • @weimers: Sweden needs much less immigration
    A no to Ylva Johansson’s asylum and migration pact today is a first step towards a more restrictive migration policy. The left and Ylva Johansson will lose power in the EU elections on June 9. The establishment is aware of that. Therefore, Brussels is trying to poke through this fig leaf. They need something to show when immigration is debated in the election campaign. Hundreds of millions of migrants will try to reach Europe in the coming years and this pact will not stop the masses. Europe needs a much stronger and stricter regulatory framework than this pact.
    A good start would be to:
    📌 Place the entire asylum process outside of Europe
    📌 Renegotiate international conventions
    📌 Building walls
    📌 Punish instead of reward illegal immigration
    📌 Condition all aid on return agreements
    📌 Increase deportations with a new deportation mechanism
    📌 Launch large-scale deterrence campaigns in countries of origin

2. SICK 🤧 OF THE COMMISSION: Ipsos released a new poll with rough numbers of support for the European Commission, as 63% of Europeans view the Commission’s work negatively or do not have an opinion. One-third of Europeans support the Commission’s work. Of the countries polled, those of Central Europe had the lowest views of the Commission. The only Western European country to have such a low perspective, France, holds the most negative opinion of the Commission of the countries polled.


  • @BarnaZsigmond: 🚨🇪🇺 Eye-opening poll from @euronews: Von der Leyen’s Commission facing skepticism among most Europeans. Approval ratings show a divided opinion, signaling the need for change in #Brussels. #EPelection2024

  • @EUUSForum: NEW: A damning poll shows that only one-third of European voters support the work of the European Commission. 😱 63% have a negative view or no opinion. It’s time for change in Brussels.

3. POLITICAL POLICING OF THE POLICE: Hundreds of German police officers are at risk of termination for their “extremist” views if they’re deemed unacceptable by Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser and her political allies. At least 407 are already under investigation by the Minister. Robert Semonsen writes,

“Germany’s radical left-activist interior minister has, since taking office in 2021, made it her mission to effectively rid all levels of the civil service of conservatives. The list of so-called ‘enemies of the constitution’ and ‘right-wing extremists’ appears to be ever-expanding.”

Germany is now policing their own police based on their political views. Germany is going to decrease their police force for political reasons during a time when it is ever needed to protect their citizenry. This is insanity.


Switzerland’s top court claims the government violated its citizens’ human rights by failing to protect them from climate change’s catastrophic effects.

The Swiss judgment was one of three high-profile climate cases before the human rights court. All alleged that government inaction on climate change violated people’s basic rights to life, privacy, and family.


  • @WallStreetSilv: Protect us from the weather how? 🤡🌎
  • @EUUSForum: 🚨 In Germany, hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers could soon become citizens. ‘Over two million migrants and asylum seekers, including vast numbers of people who came to the country illegally, have been living in Germany since 2015. Under the new naturalization law, they could become Germans overnight.’



  • EuroNews: Scholz warns of the rise of right-wing populists ahead of EU elections
  • eunews: Von der Leyen under scrutiny as fellow party member Pieper nominated as EU SME envoy

  • The European Conservative: Slovakia: European Liberals Seething as Nationalist Pellegrini Elected President

  • The European Conservative: Poland: Conservative PiS Party Remains Strongest After Local Elections

  • Reuters: Scottish police receive thousands of reports after new hate crime law

  • The Guardian: Only 3.8% of hate crime law complaints authentic so far, says Police Scotland

  • European Conservative: Afghan Sex Offender Won’t Be Deported From UK Over Fear of “Mob Violence”

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👎 FREE SPEECH: We saw many blatant attacks on free speech across the EU this week. Here are two of our top examples:

  1. A young woman was arrested in Besançon, France and faces up to a year in prison for holding up a sign calling for the deportation of foreign rapists. Following her arrest,  the police raided her parents’ home to recover her sign and computer.

46 women were raped by immigrants in France last year. In Macron’s France, the French are arrested for freedom of expression and standing up for justice, while the real criminals roam free. 


  • @EUUSForum: NEW: Young woman arrested in Besançon and faces up to a year in prison for holding up a sign calling for the deportation of foreign rapists. In Macron’s France, the French are arrested for freedom of expression while real criminals roam free.

  • @JordanBardella: In Emmanuel Macron’s France, a sign calling for the expulsion of foreign rapists (a position expressed at the time by Marlène Schiappa) is enough to end up in police custody.
    Common sense and freedom of expression have deserted our institutions.

  • @MarionMarechal: This morning, an activist @Coll_Nemesis was taken into custody for calling for the expulsion of foreign rapists.
    Reminder: at least 46 women were raped by OQTF migrants in 2023. 46 lives shattered by lax migration.

  1. Björn Höcke, a conservative German politician, was persecuted last week by the leftist German government after saying, “Everything for Germany.” The absurd government crackdown against freedom of speech continues in Europe and will make its way to America if we don’t stop this dangerous ideology.


  • @BjoernHoecke: Once again, Germany is at the forefront of persecuting political opponents and suppressing free speech. On April 18, I will stand trial in Halle. I am charged with the crime of using an alleged quote in which I expressed my patriotism „incorrectly“. I invite you to come to Halle and witness firsthand the state of civil rights, democracy and the rule of law in Germany.
    Björn Höcke
    Leader of the AfD in Thuringia
    Member of the State Assembly since 2014

  • @alx: A German politician is being criminally charged for saying “Everything for Germany” in a speech under “hate speech laws”.

  • Democrats would love nothing more than to enact these laws here…

  • @WallStreetSilv: Germans hate their own country so much that a politician is being prosecuted merely for expressing his patriotism and loving his country.

  • @stillgray: Evidently, saying “all for Germany” is prohibited in Germany despite it being a very mundane thing to say, all simply due to the fact that some bad people said it in the past. Germany has some bizarre, very insane speech laws due to their history and have, more than any other country, gone very much overboard with suppressing anything that seems like it could be even remotely related to their great shame of the 20th century. It’s even to the point where some very progressive Germans are willing to destroy Germany out of sheer guilt, where they allow foreigners to essentially colonize the country through “cultural enrichment” at the cost of Germans. Japan and Italy never went this far, and I’m glad they didn’t. The past is the past, but having to apologize for it to the point where it becomes self-flagellation and cultural su*cide is absolutely insane.

  • @EUUSForum: 🚨 NEW: Björn Höcke, a German politician, has just been persecuted by the German government after saying, “Everything for Germany.” The absurd government crack down against freedom of speech continues in Europe and will make its way to America if we don’t stop this dangerous ideology.