April 25, 2024 – EU-US Forum Tip Sheet

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We send this out weekly to keep you apprised of the most important political and policy topics in Europe as we continue to work toward our mission of exposing the EU’s radical agenda and the threat it poses to the US and Western Civilization.

1. HEY BUDAPEST!: Yours truly is launching a five-figure ad campaign tomorrow in Budapest, bracketing CPAC Hungary with a strong message for Hungarians – “Demand change in the European Union.” The campaign features mobile billboards that will drive across the city reading: 1) Demand Free Speech! 2) Stand up for your safety. Tell the EU to stop illegal immigration. 3) Demand change in the European Union!

Read the press release HERE and check out the Hungarian media coverage of the ad buy.

See our ads around Budapest? Send us your pics or tag us on X @EUUSForum!

We also have staff on the ground at CPAC Hungary! Check out our X page to stay up to date on what we are doing there.

Are you in Budapest? Come say hello! We have more info on the EU-US Forum and free stickers you don’t want to miss.

2. EUROPOL GOES BIG BROTHER: In their latest attack of privacy, Eurocrats want messaging encryption on social media and other apps, which prevents your messages from being openly read, to be eliminated so that they can read through their citizens’ private messages. Widely used Whatsapp, Signal, and Messenger (Meta) use high standard encryption so that even the companies themselves cannot view your private messages. The EU wants to bypass that whenever they want for whatever they deem necessary.

Europol and heads of national police claim their efforts are “to protect the vulnerable,” but police forces would simply need to put in a request to a service provider to receive access to one’s private information.

The EU wants to have direct oversight over everyone’s private messages for the sake of decreasing crime, but if they put criminals (such as criminal illegal immigrants) in jail and kept them there instead of letting them back out on the streets, crime would not be such a problem.

Additionally, those proposing this believe they are above the non-Western countries who already invade their citizens’ privacy in such a way, “In some non-democratic countries, there is indeed danger in [authorities having] access to personal data. People should not be arrested out of the blue for having insulted a head of state in a WhatsApp message. Thanks to the many checks and balances we have in a democratic society, we should not fear this.” Well, we have not seen many checks and balances on the EU and its power yet.

This proposal follows the expansive hate crime laws we saw in Scotland and Ireland. In addition to these two policies, Eurocrats and politicians will be teaming up with Europol and their local police in no time to throw citizens in jail for “inciting hate crimes” and having or distributing “material likely to incite hatred against persons.”


  • @DOBBELAEREW: When is enough, enough? In public life we ​​have 0 privacy left. We cannot call anonymously, walk or drive anonymously on the street, because there is a camera every few meters. Algorithms keep an eye on us, facial recognition lurks eagerly around the corner.
  • @DOBBELAEREW: People will probably only be happy if there is a camera on your front door, or even in your bedroom. Then people will say: now we feel safe! And some will embrace it too.

  • @EUUSForum: ‘European citizens’ private online messages should be open to the authorities to peruse, according to Europol and the heads of national police forces.’ EU leaders seem to want zero privacy or freedom of speech. What is going on in Europe?

3. HOW TO GET RICH QUICK: The Prime Minister of the Netherlands is planning to pay asylum seekers a total €30 million for not processing their high number of applications and appeals fast enough. That’s a 172% increase from last year’s €11 million cash pile handed out and €7,500 for each asylum seeker. A conservative and former Dutch Prime Minister commented on the announcement writing, “This is how asylum seekers become rich while sleeping in hotels and on cruise ships. Van de Burg mops with the tap open. Turn off the tap quickly. Asylum stop!”

Meanwhile, the largest hotel chain in the country is raking in almost €10 million a year from the government paying to house all the asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. So why not keep them coming?

MORE COMPETITION REGULATION? EU leaders have agreed to a “European Competitiveness Deal” in hopes of economically catching up with China and the U.S. Their strategy – achieve their environmental goals. We’re not sure how the math adds up for them, but to the Eurocrats achieving Net Zero, overregulation, outlawing forms of energy, and increasing fuel and operational costs will all accelerate industry and innovation. We don’t think so.

Understandably, the EU’s dominance in the world economy has decreased from 26% in 1980 to 14% today. A few weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal said, “There is one field where the European Union still leads the world: regulation.”

The EU will dive into the details of the competitiveness deal after the June elections so we will have to wait and see if there will be a conservative jolt in the elections to change this deal.


  • AP: Hungary’s Orbán urges European conservatives, and Trump, toward election victories at CPAC event
  • European Conservative: Foreigners Committed 77% of Solved Rape Cases in Paris in 2023

  • The Guardian: Basque separatists make historic gains but fail to win election outright

  • European Conservative: Media Silence Greets Violent Afghan Demonstrations in Paris

  • NTY: A Far-Right Party Emerges as a Possible Kingmaker in Croatia

  • Guardian: Sweden passes law lowering age to legally change gender from 18 to 16

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PUSHING TO REDEFINE HATE CRIME: Remember Scotland’s new hate crime law that made “stirring up hatred” a punishable offense? Well, only two of the first 7,000 reports since its enactment less than a month ago have been deemed worthy of investigation. That means the police have spent their time and energy focusing on over 7,000 worthless reports and calls rather than ensuring the real safety and order of their citizens. Because of leftist politicians’ hate speech fantasies and perceptions of what safety is, Scotland is, in fact, less safe. The good news? The conservatives have filed to repeal this law.

Our very our Matt Mowers was on The Truth with Lisa Boothe and discussed the insanity of this new law. Watch below!

“This [law] is literally saying that you aren’t free to speak certain opinions, even sometimes in the privacy of your own home.” – EU-US Forum’s Founding Board Member, Matt Mowers

Comically, lots of the first 4,000 complaints were directed at Scotland’s leader of the far Left Scottish National Party, Humza Yousaf and he has seen a large decline in popularity since the law was implemented, with less than 30% of those who voted for his party in the last election thinking he is governing and leading well. Ireland has followed suit and hopes to pass a very similar law before their next elections. Ireland’s bill imposes two to five year prison sentences for owning and distributing “material likely to incite hatred against persons.”

Check our this clip of our Founding Board Member, Matt Mowers on the Lisa Boothe’s The Truth podcast talking about the dual surges of illegal immigration and crime.

“Their [Germany’s] crime is at a 15-year-high. Half of those crimes were committed by illegal immigrants. Half of them.” – EU-US Forum’s Founding Board Member, Matt Mowers