EU-US Forum Applauds Historic Conservative Victories in EU Elections: “It’s a New Era in Europe”

The EU-US Forum Founding Board Member and former Trump Administration Official Matt Mowers released the following statement after conservative parties across Europe achieved historic victories in the EU parliamentary elections. The victories were in line with the polling results the EU-US Forum published earlier this month.

“Thanks to tonight’s historic victories by conservative parties across the continent, it’s the dawning of a new era in Europe where conservative ideas can no longer be silenced. Since March, the EU-US Forum has exposed the failed policies and leadership at the EU and has blanketed Europe with messaging to ‘demand change at the EU.’ Tonight’s results prove that Europeans are ready for conservative leadership and reject the far-left path that EU bureaucrats have forged for Europe.

From France to Spain to Germany, conservative policies triumphed. 

Brussels must now hear their citizens loud and clear: Enough is enough, Europeans are sick and tired of living as pawns in the schemes of the global Left-wing elite.

We hope that tonight’s victories in the EU elections stand as a signal for the rest of the world that citizens from both Europe and America are fed up with the dangerous policies that the far Left has been pushing for years: reckless spending, open borders, unfettered regulation.”


  • Today’s historic results come after polling released in May by the EU-US Forum showed EU citizens are becoming increasingly concerned with illegal immigration, the cost of living, high taxes, excessive regulations, and government censorship. The EU-US Forum/Tyson Group polling results suggested EU citizens are increasingly looking for conservative policy solutions and that conservatives would make major gains in the elections.
  • The EU-US Forum is led by multiple former Trump administration officials. Matt Mowers, former Senior White House Advisor at the U.S. Department of State, serves as the Founding Board Member, and Joseph Grogan, former Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, serves as a Senior Advisor.
  • Since March, the EU-US Forum has run a massive $750,000 ad campaign across Europe with ads in Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. Messages of the ads include:
  • “Too many taxes. Too much environmental regulation. Free Germany from these economic shackles. Demand change at the EU.”
    • “EU immigration policies are making you less safe.”
    • “Demand free speech. Demand change at the EU.”