EU-US Forum Highlights the Need for Conservatism in the EU at CPAC Hungary

BUDAPEST, Hungary – The EU-US Forum, a nonprofit organization that launched to shine a light on the harmful policies coming out of the EU in order to stop them from spreading to the US, descended on Budapest late last week where it conducted a paid media campaign, interviewed American thought leaders and EU citizens about the state of conservatism in Europe, and sponsored CPAC Hungary.

Several conservative leaders shared their messages to EU citizens about the important policy choices they face in the coming weeks.

Chad Wolf, Former Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and Speaker at CPAC Hungary, spoke to the EU-US Forum about the need for border security in the EU and the US.

“In the United States, the state of Texas is getting penalized for a lot of what they’re trying to do along that border. They’re getting sued by the federal government, the Biden administration, in this case. Here in the EU, through that migration pact someone like Hungary can be fined 20,000 Euros for every migrant that they don’t want to settle or take in. You’re punishing them for decisions that they’re making, what’s best for their people, their best for their territory in their country, writ large.

There’s a lot of similarities here. A lot of the bad policies that we get in the United States originate, actually from the EU and elsewhere here in Europe. As an America First conservative in the United States, we need to do what’s best for our country. We don’t need to take bad practices from elsewhere, particularly here in the EU, and make sure that we’re looking after Americans first, just as they’re doing here in Hungary, they’re looking after Hungarians first. And making sure you’re protecting American communities, the security of America and the security of our country.”

Jack Posobiec, Editor of Human Events and Speaker at CPAC Hungary, shared his message urging Europeans to cut through the mainstream media noise and look toward leaders who will stand up for safety, economic sovereignty, and freedom.

“Any voters, when they look towards the parties, whatever country you’re in, you have to understand, don’t listen to what the mainstream media labels somebody as or what nasty words they’re going to use. They always do this. Understand who is standing up for safety, who is standing up for freedom, who is standing up for economic sovereignty, who is standing up for building high trust societies and actually fighting the serious tangible problems that these countries are facing? And not necessarily these abstractions, saying, Oh, we must end for democracy, we must end for freedom, we must be open to the world. What are these things?

When you have countries that are getting more crime, when you have countries that were inflation is rocketing through, look at what Germany is going through right now in terms of inflation, the entire industrial sector and manufacturing sector in Germany could be wiped out because of inflation and because of the high price that they’re experiencing right now.

So I would say look to candidates that are talking about the actual issues that are going on, and not the abstract figmentary issues that they want you to focus on. Understand, if your lives would be better today if you had a different government, then you must vote for a different government.”

Joey Mannarino, Conservative Pundit and Italian-American Dual Citizen, shared his concerns with the censorship of speech in Europe and how that threatens the United States:

“Americans need to understand that when you look at the lack of free speech in Europe, it’s coming to us. It’s already there. It’s just less obvious and in your face. Here [in Europe], they tell you flat out, you’re not allowed to say this or you’re going to jail. In America? They don’t do that yet, but give it five years. You look at the taxation policies [in Europe]. What was it yesterday that Biden said, 46% capital gains and 25% unrealized capital gains?

What they do is they look at the insanity over here. And it gets implemented in America five to 10 years later… It’s coming. So if it doesn’t stop [in Europe], it’s going to start [in America]. They have to destroy it. All Western civilization as a whole has to be destroyed for them to win. If they started [in Europe], they started [in America], doesn’t matter. We have to stop it everywhere.”

In addition to sponsoring CPAC Hungary, the EU-US Forum also plastered Budapest with a five-figure paid media campaign on Friday, April 26 with ads that read “Demand Free Speech!”, “Stand up for your safety. Tell the EU to stop illegal immigration.”, and “Demand change in the European Union!” in Hungarian and English. The buy includes mobile billboards around the city. Learn more here.