May 16, 2024 – EU-US Forum Tip Sheet

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1. SLOVAKIAN PM SHOT: Wednesday afternoon, Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot five times by a 71-year-old leftist activist. Like most of Europe, Slovakia has become increasingly politically tense and divided, and officials are saying the attack was politically motivated.

The shooter had said, “I don’t agree with the politics of this government,” mentioning Fico’s pushback against the media and judicial branch. Fico recently spoke up against and rejected the EU’s Migration Pact and the WHO’s pandemic treaty.

In a statement, the Interior Minister spoke up against the violent political act saying, “stop spreading hatred… stop attacks and hatred on social networks and media,” about those in political power or the opposition. “The inability to accept the will of some part of the public that some group of people does not like is the result we have reached today.”

@EUUSForum: Slovakia PM Robert Fico is in “life-threatening condition” after being shot multiple times in an assassination attempt. This happened just one day after the EU voted to finalize the EU Migration Pact (which PM Fico refused to implement in his own country). Heinous is right. What does Europe’s far-Left have to say about this brutal attack?

2. CALIPHATE THE WEST: Muslims in Germany are taking to the streets calling for Sharia law in Germany. We noted last week that these protests were occurring, but now they are increasingly picking up steam. On Saturday, over 2,300 Muslims (twice as many as the week before) in Hamburg called for a caliphate and ironically voiced concerns over “censorship and [their] opinions being dictated.”

After previously taking to the streets calling for a caliphate, this assembly was placed under specific guidelines preventing participants from “inciting hatred,” committing violence, gender segregation (which happened anyway), denying Israel’s right to exist, and calling for a caliphate to take over Germany – so instead they held signs that read “censored” and “banned”… A counter rally against Islamism and antisemitism was held alongside it.

The extremist group putting on the protest, Muslim Interaktiv, mobilizes online and through social media, attracting lots of youth and convincing them they are victims of the West and advocates for worldwide Islamic rule. Muslim Interaktiv is also affiliated with another Islamic political organization, Hizb ut-Tahrir, that promotes violence and the killing of Jews. Germany’s intelligence agencies monitor Muslim Interaktiv as an extremist group.

In response, the French rallied in the streets saying “Islam out of Europe!


  • @EuropeInvasionn: This looks like Afghanistan, but this is Germany. Civilization is disappearing step by step.

  • @EUUSForum: Islamists in Germany have not stopped pushing for a caliphate and Sharia Law to be implemented. When will Germany and EU leaders get the message and finally decide to take action?

  • @EUUSForum: There has been a sharp rise in Islamist protests calling for the implementation of Sharia Law and an Islamic caliphate across Europe. Is this the Europe you want to raise your children in?

  • @JustLuai: Thousands of Islamists in Germany screaming about how they want to turn Europe into an Islamic caliphate. There are already more than 50 Islamic countries. Why did they leave their Islamic paradises if they were so perfect?

  • @RolandTichy; Another demonstration for Stone Age Islam in Hamburg: Only fully veiled women allowed, separated from men. Counter-demonstration, outcry about hostility to the constitution? None.

  • @ZaraRiffler: We confront demo participants with simple questions in #Hamburg . As soon as they start to speak their opinion into our microphone, they are stopped. #MuslimInteraktiv – Islamists have people under control like in a sect or a mini-caliphate… @niusde_

  • @RadioGenoa: Fake Muslim asylum seekers in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Denmark want Islamic caliphate and Sharia law. Politicians who allowed this must be imprisoned for life. Mass deportations are needed for fake asylum seekers.

  • @GoldingBF: Poor Germany. From a prosperous advanced civilisation, right back to a medieval caliphate. Mass immigration is destroying Germany and transforming it into a Third World shithole. Everyone pray for the success of the AFD party 🇩🇪

3. DON’T MESS WITH NATCON: Brussels Mayor Emir Kir is being sued by the think tank MCC Brussels for shutting down the National Conservative Conference a month ago.

The spectacle drew global media attention as police arrived and would not allow participants in during the middle of the conference for the sake of “public safety” although the mayor admitted his order was to prevent NatCon from holding their conference in Brussels, saying attendees and their ideas are “not welcome.”

The courts decided that not only were the mayor’s actions a violation of freedom of speech, but they were a purely politically motivated attack against those whom he disagreed with.

MCC Brussels argues there is a history of Brussels political elite of wanting to dictate what the EU nations think, say, and hear and going against freedom of speech and assembly to do so by threatening their political opponents.

REJECTING THE GREEN DEAL: A dozen Polish farmers protested in the hallways of their nation’s Parliament last week against EU’s environmental regulations which are crippling their way of life and livelihoods. The protesters demanded to speak with Prime Minister Donald Tusk to urge him to push back against these EU policies for his people.

The next day, Polish farmers again protested their concerns, citing incoming regulations from the EU’s Green Deal. Beata Szydło, a Polish MEP, commented, “As an MEP, for years I have been warning about the consequences of the Green Deal, not only for agriculture but for the entire economy of the European Union. European industry is ceasing to be competitive, as can be seen in Poland, which has developed extremely dynamically for many years and is now threatened by a crisis brought about directly by the Green Deal.”

Polish farmers and conservatives in Europe have gathered 150,000 signatures for a national referendum to reject the radical Left’s Green Deal.


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  • EuroNews: Ireland struggles to deal with migrant influx across UK border
  • Daily Mail: Outrage in Dublin as it’s revealed hated migrant camps are being funded with taxpayer cash – which is spent on tents lining the streets before officials come along and destroy them!
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  • @EndWokeness: NEW SURVEY: 7 in 10 Europeans believe that their country is accepting too many migrants Results broken down by country:
    🇬🇷 Greece: 90% of citizens
    🇨🇾 Cyprus: 84% of citizens
    🇮🇪 Ireland: 78% of citizens
    🇦🇹 Austria: 77% of citizens
    🇩🇪 Germany: 77% of citizens
    🇧🇬 Bulgaria: 76% of citizens
    🇵🇱 Poland: 75% of citizens
    🇮🇹 Italy: 74% of citizens
    🇫🇷 France: 70% of citizens
    🇪🇸 Spain: 70% of citizens
    🇨🇭 Sweden: 70% of citizens
  • @EUUSForum: Another video surfaced of busloads of illegal migrants being placed in high-end hotels in Ireland. Not one woman or child — only adult aged men. These are not ‘asylum seekers.’ This is why the Irish have had enough.

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WHAT THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR: Following six months of negotiations, a number of Dutch conservative parties have a coalition deal for their new conservative government. Notably, their coalition is committed to a new asylum policy that will transform their loose and failing system. Currently, the Netherlands has a law in place that distributes asylum seekers across municipalities based on their wealth and population. The coalition wrote, “limiting the scale of and getting a grip on all types of migration to the Netherlands, as soon as possible, is necessary, for now and for the longer term.” In good news for farmers and the food supply, the coalition will also no longer pursue the previous government’s policy of reducing livestock to “reduce methane emissions.”

In typical misuse-of-the-word-democracy fashion, the far-Left parties called this coalition a “betrayal of liberal and democratic values.” But they refuse to understand that their policies do not work and every day people do not want rampant inflation and illegal mass migration taking over their communities.