June 13, 2024 – EU-US Forum Tip Sheet

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1. 🤯 MACRON IMPLODES: After the conservative National Rally party “obliterated” Macron’s party in the French elections last weekend, President Macron dismantled France’s legislative body and called for snap elections to be held on June 30 and July 7 in a two-round vote.

Macron is rolling the dice because legislative elections historically favor more mainstream candidates.

“In order to win a seat as a deputy you have to win 50 percent in the first round or, if not, face a run-off. Essentially, it’s a lot harder for a far-right candidate to win a seat in the national parliament,” according to POLITICO.

Macron sees these election results as a last ditch effort to defeat Le Pen once and for all, rather than a shift in voters’ thoughts and a message to the ruling left. But after a humiliating defeat at the hands of National Rally, this is a risky bet. (One of Macron’s staffers even compared the move to “the delirious act of a man who is knocked out by defeat.”)

Many in and around the President’s coalition are questioning his rash decision as these new elections may easily make matters worse for his left-wing coalition and others like it. One of Macron’s own coalition members said, “The Élysée Palace hasn’t really understood the ‘anti-president’ mood in France.” With three years left of his term and term limited, Macron has committed to not stepping down as his own party does not want him on the campaign trail with them and polls reveal the French citizenry sees their President as elitist, arrogant, and authoritarian. *We should point out that we predicted all of this in our EU polling project we released just a few weeks ago.*

Yesterday, our very own Founding Board Member, Matt Mowers, was on The Dana Show talking all about Macron’s move and European voters’ disdain for the left and its policies.

He discussed the EU-US Forum’s latest polling that demonstrated those strong and prevalent feelings weeks before the elections, the wins of the EU right from the elections, and more. Watch the clip below and the full interview HERE.

“Yet the problem is so bad, it’s been so exacerbated. Whether it’s the economic challenges, or the crime that’s come in because of illegal migration, voters across the spectrum are waking up in Europe the same way we know they’re beginning to wake up here in the United States.” – Matt Mowers, EU-US Forum Founding Board Member.


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2. 🪢 TIGHTENING UP ON TRAFFICKERS: Spain and Albania took down one of Europe’s biggest human trafficking networks this week. Spanish and Albanian authorities apprehended 82 suspects—35 of them in Spain—including an Albanian police officer. 

The trafficking network drove Albanians in vans 🚐 across Europe to Barcelona where they gave them fake IDs, passports, and banking information before they flew out to the United Kingdom or Ireland and were often later exploited to work in the UK’s illegal drug trade. 

The Albanian government is becoming a key player and aide in Europe’s immigration crisis, including their new migrant center built to take the pressure off of Italy’s surplus by intaking and processing Italy’s asylum seekers. 

Meanwhile, Finland is looking at tougher border laws and enforcement against an influx of asylum seekers coming from its Russian border and overwhelming the nation. In 2023, Finland closed its eastern border indefinitely following over 1,000 immigrants from Somalia and Syria coming in from Russia.

3. 👋 ADIÓS LIBERALS!: In the wake of the Spanish left’s many losses this weekend, the nation’s deputy prime minister, labor minister, and far-left alliance’s leader, Yolanda Díaz resigned after her party won only 3 of Spain’s 61 seats. Díaz said, “I think it is time to reflect on what we parties are doing wrong to explain the importance of European policies. 😳

🚨🚨 Once again, Europe’s Left shows how out of touch they are with everyday citizens and their elitism that reveals what they really think about the intelligence of everyday people. EU citizens SEE and KNOW that the Left’s agenda (open borders, Green Deal, overregulation, we could go on…) is not working, and that is why they voted against them at the polls – NOT because voters need new messaging about the Left’s failed policies “explained” to them by new out of touch politicians.

🧑‍💼 EUROCRATS PUSH “ORGANIZED” OPEN BORDERS: Poland, Hungary, and many EU citizens have hesitations with the EU’s Migration Pact (which does nothing to stop the incoming flow of migrants, only relocate, house, and attempt to track them). Internal documents obtained by the European Conservative show that the EU’s asylum database will, at the earliest, be ready in 2026, and internal concerns of sufficiently trained personnel for its implementation have already arisen. 

Ready or not, the Eurocrats are in a full court press in the coming weeks and months to build out the Migration Pact’s systems and structure (despite internal and external concerns), which will only accommodate the immigration crisis and increasing flow of illegal immigrants into Europe.  

😩😩 VON DER LEYEN’S SINKING SUPPORT FROM THE WHINING LEFT: EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, is finding it hard to get either side to support her for her upcoming reelection by Parliament in July after her coalition game plan was ripped up after conservative party’s shocked the system with their unexpected wins in the EU elections.

Von der Leyen and her so-called “center-right” EPP party have veered to the Left over the past decade to gain and retain power in the EU. But von der Leyen is faced with a new dilemma: in order to get the votes to win reelection she’ll have to gain support from the more conservative parties.

But the European Socialists are not happy about it and refuse to talk with von der Leyen if she appeals to what they call “far-right.” News flash to the Leftists: what they call “far-right” is actually common sense to the EU citizens who voted for the conservative parties in droves this election cycle. 

While von der Leyen tries to hold onto her power, the Left is blatantly ignoring their election results as a referendum on their failed and unpopular policies that are sending Europe and its Western civilization down the drain.  

The leader of the European Socialists party said, “If… we see that ECR or ID are playing a role in setting the priorities for the next five years, then it will be us socialists and democrats and progressives that will not be sitting at the table.” We’ve got the world’s smallest violin for the Socialists… 🎻.


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🔨 🩸 VIOLENT ANTIFA CRIMINAL BECOMES MEP: In case you didn’t realize how extreme the Leftists in Europe are… a member of ANTIFA (who is currently serving time in jail for violently attacking Hungarians) was just elected as a Member of European Parliament. 

DETAILS: Ilaria Salis is a member of ANTIFA, who is CURRENTLY jailed for violently attacking nine innocent Hungarians with hammers and batons, leaving them paralyzed and deformed, was just elected to the European Parliament through an elected party and may receive immunity for her violent attacks due to her MEP position. 

Salis was nominated by the Italian Green-Left Alliance (AVS) explicitly to get her Parliamentary immunity or in their words, to: “protect the rights and dignity of a European citizen.”

Watch her heinous attack at your own discretion:

The European Conservative reports, “The perpetrators attacked innocent passersby who they decided ‘looked like’ neo-Nazis based on their choice of clothing. One of the victims said he was left partially paralyzed, and stated ‘it’s a miracle’ he’s still alive.” Meanwhile, an Italian senator said that every vote for Salis, is a vote for “rule of law.”

Europe’s extreme Left will stop at nothing, even electing a violent ANTIFA criminal, to achieve their ideological goals. Stories like these need to be shared to highlight how truly heinous the far Left in Europe really is.