June 20, 2024 – EU-US Forum Tip Sheet

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1. WHAT COMES NEXT?: EU-US Forum’s Founding Board Member, Matt Mowers, and Senior Advisor, Joe Grogan this week co-authored an op-ed in the Daily Caller discussing the EU election results and what’s next for Europe and the U.S. Mowers and Grogan lay out potential policy solutions on major issues for the newly elected conservative MEPs to pursue. They discuss ideas for addressing the EU’s open borders, environmental extremism, overregulation, and cost of living.

“The EU elections will stand as a signal for the rest of the world that citizens of Europe are fed up with the dangerous policies that the far left has been pushing for years: reckless spending, open borders, and stifling regulation. It also means there is hope for Europe to change course for the better — and a more prosperous West will only benefit America in the long run.”

ICYMI: Mowers was also on The Guy Benson Show last week talking about the EU elections.

“We’re not shocked by [conservative wins in the EU elections]. The EU-US Forum conducted polling just a few weeks ago, prior to these elections, and we saw not only conservative parties doing well, but we saw why.

“We asked the question of voters in five different countries, and we said, you know, ‘Are you concerned that there’s been too much regulation of the energy sector, which is jeopardizing national security?’ And over 60% of voters said yes.

“We asked the question about whether they were concerned about over encroaching government regulation of free speech – over 60% said yes.

“And the most notable, we asked, ‘Do you believe there needs to be additional controls and border controls to restrict illegal migration?’ Over 75% of voters in nearly every single one of the countries said yes… That’s what’s driving this change right now and that’s what’s driving voters to vote for the more conservative parties.”

2. MESS AROUND AND FIND OUT: An Afghan immigrant in Germany viciously stabbed a woman in the neck and head several times from behind in broad daylight as she peacefully sat by the river. This comes mere weeks after an illegal Afghan immigrant went on a stabbing rampage through a public crowd in Germany, killing a police officer and injuring several others. Additionally, a recent report found that almost half of those in Germany who commit crimes with knives are not even German.

Another new alarming report finds that almost 60% of Germany’s 100,000 “asylum” seekers this year had NO identification documents.

FINALLY TAKING ACTION: In response to the migrant crime crisis, German officials are looking to strike a deal to deport illegal migrants convicted of serious crimes to Afghanistan and Syria. German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said: “We are in concrete negotiations on this and are confident that we will be able to achieve this for this group.”

More on Immigration and Crime:

  • European Conservative: Report: 1.1 Million Migrants Applied for EU Asylum in 2023

  • @TomasOrbanEC: .@EUAsylumAgency’s new report: 1.1 million asylum applications submitted in 2023. That’s up 25% compared to 2022 and third-highest after 2015&2016. 70% of those in just 4 countries👇Meanwhile, @Frontex data shows that only 21% of deportation orders were actually carried out.

  • @AndersonAfDMdEP: 🇬🇧|57% of asylum seekers who arrived in 2024 have not yet presented any identification documents. The asylum system of #Germany & the #EU is bankrupt & broken. It endangers the safety and live of citizens. #Europe must become a fortress! [article link]

  • @DrEliDavid: This is Macron’s France 🇫🇷 2024 France is rapidly becoming 1940 France.

  • @ActivePatriotUK: SEEN ENOUGH YET
    882 migrants ILLEGALLY crossed the channel into ENGLAND from FRANCE in 15 DINGHIES yesterday
    12,313 migrants have now crossed the channel this year in 249 dinghies up nearly 20% on last year’s numbers
    Footage from yesterday’s crossings below

  • @ActivePatriotUK: Over 700 ILLEGALS have crossed the channel today in DINGHIES from France, making Smugglers over £3.5 MILLION in 1 day and costing us BILLIONS MORE
    Our future is in our hand’s
    Use YOUR vote wisely
    Only @reformparty_uk CAN and WILL stop the boats and SEND THEM BACK

  • @EuropeInvasionn: It is impossible to find a German in a green area in Frankfurt, Germany. Civilization seems lost.

3. “ERADICATE” CONSERVATIVES IN FRANCE?: France’s far-Left is OUT-OF-CONTROL and is gaslighting the public and attempting to fear-monger them into not voting for conservatives in the upcoming snap elections.

French President Emmanuel Macron IS demonizing what he calls the French “far-right” (who beat Macron’s party by embarrassing margins in the recent EU elections) as “the devil” and “extremists” in an effort to hurt conservatives in elections later this month. But Macron’s comments almost pale in comparison to what his far-Left allies are saying lately.👇

Far-Left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon laid out his alliance’s vision for the campaign season, saying native French are a “serious problem” for France’s unity and oppositely praised the rapid diversity and current immigration policies that have led to massive violent crime waves in France and across the EU.

Another French far-Left politician, Clémentine Autain, called for members of the National Rally to be “eradicated” on national television – “If we could eradicate them all that would be great.”

SICK! It is more clear than ever that the future of Europe and Western civilization is at stake in these upcoming French elections.

Meanwhile, Macron is desperately calling on center-right voters to align with France’s Leftist parties in their upcoming national elections. But the French recently had the chance to decide what policies they do and do not want… and they chose to overwhelmingly reject Macron’s far-Left agenda.

Aaaaand the French Left is (unsurprisingly) marching against the “Far Right” in Paris ⬇️

What They Are Saying:

  • @OilLondonTV: Marine Le Pen promises to deport Islamists from France, if she becomes the next French President. “Bi-nationals connected to Islamist ideology must be stripped of their nationality and expelled….Radical mosques will be shut down, hate preachers expelled.”

  • @CilComLFC: Marine Le Pen declares there will be Mass Deportations if her party wins the upcoming French election: “Give me ONE reason to keep on our territory foreigners who collaborate with a totalitarian ideology that wants the death of the French?” She will Make France Great Again! 🇫🇷

  • @EUUSForum: 📍Paris, France. Leftists in Paris are protesting the historic wins by conservatives in France. What will it take for the far Left to realize the people do not want what they have to sell?

  • @DrEliDavid: “March against the far-right” in Paris 🇫🇷 yesterday:
    ✅ Palestinian flags
    ✅ Palestinian keffiyehs
    ✅ Jihadist signs
    ❌ French flags
    These protests are not against @MLP_officiel or the “far-right”. They are against France and the Western civilization.

  • @TRobinsonNewEra: Following right wing parties sweeping not just France, but Europe. France has seen leftists rioting, and now freemasons protesting against the democratic will of the people 😳

  • @EuropeInvasionn: Muslim woman burns the French flag. If you hate Europe so much, why do you still keep coming to Europe?

EU ELITES VS HUNGARY 🥊: A few weeks before Hungary takes over the six-month rotating presidency of the Council of the EU, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has fined Hungary for not complying with their asylum policies (which Hungary denies). The fine is a whopping €200 million plus €1 million PER DAY for “failure to comply.” Dramatically higher than the Commission’s originally sought €16,400 a day.

In the meantime, Hungary laid out its seven priorities ⬇️ for its Council of the EU presidency with the slogan “Make Europe Great Again.” Hungary’s presidency begins July 1st.

  1. New European Competitiveness Deal
  2. Reinforcement of European Defence policy

  3. A consistent and merit-based enlargement policy

  4. Stemming illegal migration

  5. Shaping the future of cohesion policy

  6. Farmer-oriented EU agricultural policy

  7. Addressing demographic (immigration) challenges

We like it!

What They Are Saying:

  • Politico: Make Europe Great Again: Hungary channels Trump in EU presidency slogan

  • ABC: For Trump it’s MAGA, but Hungary’s Orbán is going MEGA at the European Union’s helm for six months

  • Politico: Belgian EU presidency urges governments to move toward muzzling Hungary

  • @Artemisfornow: 🔥 HUNGARY- BREAKING: The EU’s highest court, finds Hungary GUILTY for not accepting ILLEGALS at its border. The ECJ will fine them €1 million per day!! for blocking illegal crossings. This isn’t sovereignty, it’s foreign dictatorship 🔥


  • NYT: Weakened Leaders of the West Gather in Italy to Discuss an Unruly World

  • Politico: 6 lame ducks and Giorgia Meloni: Meet the G7 class of 2024

  • Reuters: How G7 and EU plan to use Russia’s frozen assets to help Ukraine

  • Politico: The 23 kookiest MEPs heading to the European Parliament

  • BBC: Macron condemns antisemitism after Jewish girl is raped

  • European Conservative: Spain Extends Euthanasia Law To Include the Mentally Ill

  • European Conservative: France: Radical Euthanasia Bill Halted Indefinitely

  • AP: China targets Europe’s farmers, and not its automakers, in response to EU tariffs on electric cars

  • Politico: Expect EU to finally fine a far-right France

  • WSJ: EU Recommends Disciplinary Action Against France for Excessive Deficit

  • Politico: France and Italy denounced by European Commission for overspending

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🇪🇺 UPDATE ON EU LEADERSHIP: EU leaders met in Brussels on Monday ready to finalize the EU’s leadership roles for the coming term which were presumed to be all but settled, but way more questions came out of that meeting than answers. Some of the top positions for discussion were the EU Commission President (currently held by von der Leyen), President of the European Council, Parliament President, and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs).

Going into Monday, it was mostly agreed upon that von der Leyen (EPP) would remain Commission president and other top jobs would be dispersed amongst the EU’s EPP group (which is a self-proclaimed “center-right” group, but does not govern as such).

Also going into the meeting was Italy’s Giorgia Meloni’s discussions with von der Leyen for the conservative ECR to join the EPP and Renew’s centrist coalition. But at Monday’s meeting, Meloni and other conservative leaders found themselves benched for the discussions and decision-making. Meloni and Orbán sounded off at the EU’s left establishment for utterly rejecting the right’s rise in the recent elections and the will of voters.

The European Conservative reported, “Seen from the Right, the main problem is that the Brussels mainstream treats the so-called horse-trading over appointments like it was only their game in town. It is unwilling to recognize the conservatives’ election results and the will of the European voters.”

You can read a full rundown of all the drama HERE and more details HERE. Talks on EU leadership will pick back up when they reconvene at the end of next week.