June 27, 2024 – EU-US Forum Tip Sheet

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1. SKYROCKETING MIGRANT CRIME 🤯 : A new report out from the Berlin police says that violent crimes are disproportionately being committed by young migrant men. Berlin’s police chief in a recent interview also discussed the uptick in knife attacks led by migrants, specifically, young Afghan men. Remember less than a month ago, a police officer was murdered by an illegal Afghan immigrant in a knife attack that injured several others.

Many are vocalizing the issue of rampant knife attacks which rose by 12% last year equating to 38 attacks a day in Germany alone.

Very few are speaking out about its correlation to illegal immigration and the rising disregard and disrespect for law enforcement. The few who do, are censored and attacked by the left.

More Immigration News:

  • Breitbart: Farage Calls for Royal Navy to Push Back Boat Migrants to France as 50,000 Cross Under Sunak
  • AP: Germany moves to ease the deportation of foreigners who glorify terrorist acts
  • @EUUSForum: The Irish are being treated as second-class citizens in their own country. Their “leaders” do not care about their safety. Something has to change.
  • @Mick_O_Keeffe:📍 Clonmel
    The size of the migrant camp & proximity to nearby homes. Fairy forts, 100 year old hedges & a 200 year old tree are to be sacrificed to make way for a plantation of foreigners while just miles away an Irishman faces prison for erecting a log cabin on his own land.
  • @TheLiberal_ie: Footage emerges of Irish farmers removing illegal migrants from their fields 😳
    This is what the government has done to this country 🇮🇪
  • @Mick_O_Keeffe:📍 Tent City, Dublin. The government is running this country into the ground.

2. ​​⚖️ JUSTICE?: A young woman is going to jail for the weekend for her “torrent of insults,” in which she called one of the nine immigrant men who gang raped a 15 year old girl a “dishonourable rapist pig” and “disgusting freak.” German law has determined these words constitute a hate crime and the German justice system is putting her in jail at the same time as only one of the nine men was given a prison sentence (for less than 3 years). Five of the nine rapists had German passports, all were migrants.

The judge in the gang rape case was called “brave and smart” by the media for her extremely lax ruling, despite DNA evidence of each of their crimes.

The German justice system is investigating 140 others for hate speech against the rapists. MEANWHILE violence crime is at a 15 year high.

Definitely focusing on the right things. The left and their definition of “justice” is upside down.

  • @ThePublicaNow: In 2020, nine migrants were convicted for brutally raping a young girl in Germany.
    Eight of them spent no time in jail after an “expert” argued that they were suffering from “sociocultural homelessness.”
    Now, a woman has been sent to prison for insulting them.
  • @ThePublicaNow: A woman in Germany has been sentenced to prison after “insulting” a migrant who participated in the horrific gang rape of a young girl in 2020.
    The woman has now received more jail time than 8 of the 9 men convicted for the gang rape. [Linked article]

3. 😴😴 YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE: New polls ahead of the French elections reveal that Macron will, again, be in trouble ahead of his snap elections this Sunday and next. Polls show the main conservative party, National Rally, with a near majority in the National Assembly while Macron’s party is looking like it will take a sad THIRD place despite going all in on his snap election plan. Macron currently has a 72% disapproval rating.

In fear for his political life, Macron has resorted to fear mongering and warns of a “civil war” if the “extreme right,” National Rally, wins over his own party “because it refers people to a religion or an origin, that is what divides them and pushes them towards civil war.

Yet, it is the far-left New Popular Front party that encourages violence, nominating an ANTIFA member for an Assembly seat who is under national security watch.

AND THE NEXT TOP EUROCRAT IS…🥁🥁🥁: Despite efforts to push for more conservative leadership in the EU’s unelected positions of power, the left-leaning (and Left-controlled) EPP party and their Leftists coalition with the Socialists and Democrats, and Renew parties are back on track to continue their reign over the EU and the direction of its agenda.

STATUS QUO PREVAILS: The EPP’s Ursula von der Leyen and Roberta Metsola will remain as European Commission president and European Parliament president, respectively. Portugal’s socialist, corrupt-ridden former Prime Minister, António Costa, will be the European Council president, and the union’s foreign affairs head will be another liberal, Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

The European Conservatives Tamás Orban wrote,

This means that despite the heavy right-wing shift during the elections, the shots are still being called by the center-left ‘Ursula coalition’ (EPP, S&D, Renew), whose five-year governance has been significantly challenged—if not utterly rejected—by the European voters…. this electoral cycle once again underlines the serious democratic deficiencies of the European Union, as leaders and factions who fail at the ballots still get to put unelected bureaucrats in charge of 450 million people.”

Discussions were only between six of the EU’s 27 nations’ leaders. Italy’s Meloni, whose party had the greatest win in last month’s elections and is now the third largest in EU Parliament, was not included, but told afterward of the new agreement.

Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni stated,

No true democrat who believes in popular sovereignty can find it acceptable that in Europe, discussions on top positions were attempted even before going to the polls… The logic of consensus is being overshadowed by backroom decisions, where a few decide for everyone, which, on behalf of the Italian government, I have contested and do not intend to share.

HERE’S what Founding Board Member Matt Mowers had to say in response:

“Against the will of Europeans who voted for a conservative wave in recent elections, Ursula von der Leyen has been re-elected as president of the European Commission and politicians from leftist parties are hanging on to their leadership jobs. Brussels status quo must change!”

What They Are Saying: 

  • Politico: Giorgia Meloni hits out at EU top jobs backroom deal
  • @GiorgiaMeloni: My reply following the general discussion on Communications in view of the next European Council. Follow me live.
  • @PM_ViktorOrban: The deal that the @EPP made with the leftists and the liberals runs against everything that the EU was based on. Instead of inclusion, it sows the seeds of division. EU top officials should represent every member state, not just leftists and liberals!
  • @Glenn_Diesen: The big joke about the EU: The EU is so undemocratic that it would not be allowed to join the EU – Italian Prime Minister slammed backdoor deals on EU top jobs and said it was “surreal” the opinions of European voters were not taken into account


  • AP: Ukraine and Moldova launch EU membership talks, but joining is likely to take years
  • NYT: Mark Rutte Moves From Leading Netherlands to Heading NATO
  • European Conservative: Greens Add Five, Liberals Lose Seven European Parliament Seats
  • European Conservative: German AfD To Form New European Parliamentary Group
  • AP: French far-right leader Le Pen questions president’s role as army chief ahead of parliament election
  • CNN: Why Europe’s youth are flirting with the far-right
  • European Conservative: Mandatory Solidarity? European Parliament Set To Host LGBT ‘Inclusivity’ Initiatives
  • Brussels Times: Police bring down major Marseille-linked drug mafia in Brussels
  • European Conservative: After EU Election Failure: Olaf Scholz Rebrands Himself as Critic of COVID Measures
  • AP: Poland’s Law and Justice ‘50/50’ about leaving Giorgia Meloni and joining forces with Viktor Orbán

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🐄 💨 COW FARTS WILL END THE WORLD?: Imagine being taxed for your carbon emissions every time you burp or fart. That’s the scrutiny Denmark’s livestock are under and the farmers, already struggling from crippling EU green deal regulations, will foot the bill for it. On Monday, Denmark agreed to tax farmers on the carbon emissions their livestock produce in an effort to be an environmental leader and curb greenhouse gas emissions by 70% in the next 6 years.

New Zealand passed a similar livestock emissions law that was set to take effect in 2025, but reversed course after heavy criticism for punishing farmers for producing the nation’s food.

Farmers will be taxed about $43 per ton of carbon dioxide until it is increased to $108 in 2035. How are they going to measure that, you ask? Good question – they don’t know!

Denmark also plans to spend over €5 billion to buy out thousands of hectares of farmland to reduce nitrogen emissions in 20 years.

In a world where your food security is national security and farmers are already concerningly declining in number, this policy will only push people further away from the industry, force others to leave it, and weaken Denmark’s and Europe’s food sources and security.