May 30, 2024 – EU-US Forum Tip Sheet

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1. EU-US FORUM RELEASES POLLING, FIRST US EVENT: It was a big week for the EU-US Forum with the release of a shocking new poll revealing European’s political views are shifting to the right and EU citizens want stricter border security and less illegal immigration. Our polling results also suggest strong European dissatisfaction with their current leadership.

The highlights:

  • In Portugal, 75% of respondents identify the cost of living as one of the three most critical issues facing their country, closely followed by France (65%), the Netherlands (61%), Germany (57%), and Italy (55%).

  • A staggering 73% of Italian respondents think they are paying too much in taxes, followed by Portugal (69%), Netherlands (52%), Germany (51%), and France (44%).

  • 76% of French, Germans, and Dutch, 77% of Portuguese, and 63% of Italians want more restrictions on illegal immigration.

  • 89% in Portugal, 85% in France and Germany, 74% in Italy and 72% in the Netherlands believe domestic food production and farming must be renewed.

  • Germany 62%, France 60%, The Netherlands 55%, Portugal 54%, and Italy 46% think that excessive regulations threaten economic and national security.


  • Breitbart: European Union Experiencing a ‘Vast Conservative Shift’ as Public Rejects Failed Globalist Policies: Report

  • National Review: Europeans Overwhelmingly Support Greater Immigration Restrictions, Poll Finds

  • Townhall: European Union Member States Are ‘Yearning for Changes’ Ahead of Parliamentary Elections, Poll Shows

  • Washington Times: Twilight of the incompetents: Voters tired of ineffective elites

  • Breitbart: Germans Turn Against Brussels, Less Than Three in Ten See EU Membership as Beneficial

  • SocialBites: Europeans turn right. They are tired of EU rules. They reject immigration, the Green Deal, censorship and high taxes

  • wPolityce: Europeans turn right. They are fed up with EU rules. They reject immigration, the green deal, censorship, and high taxes

  • @DLoesch: Change is coming. People are souring on far left policies destroying their currencies, rights, and peace of mind.

  • @mowers: Europeans are looking for a change on economy and migration.

  • @RealJoeGrogan: These poll results are stunning @EUUSForum

  • @RubinReport: People across the world are waking up to what’s going on in our countries.

  • @ChrisLoesch: This is a huge shift and something @DLoesch and I could see and feel when we joined European conservative leaders in Rome earlier this year with the Forum. The U.S. needs more conservative world partners for our success!

  • @RealJoeGrogan: For the past few years the msm kept repeating that same talking points that first brexit and then Trump were anomalies, outliers, but these results show populism is not going away @EUUSForum

  • @CalenArcher: The Left is LOSING its STRANGLEHOLD on the world
    Shocking New Polling from EU-US Forum Finds Rightward Tilt in Europe
    Just like in America, people of the world are waking up to the anti freedom, anti human elite – leading to a MASSIVE shift towards conservative ideals
    This is only the beginning.

We held our first U.S. event in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday morning with Dave Rubin, Chad Wolf, Heritage’s James Carafano and Kara Frederick, EU-US Forum Senior Advisor Joe Grogan, and EU-US Forum Founding Board Member Matt Mowers. The panelists repeatedly blasted Joe Biden’s open borders agenda and discussed how far-left leaders in Brussels are pursuing the same failed policies abroad.

They also touched on the recently released polling that showed Europeans are yearning for conservative policy solutions ahead of their EU elections next week (June 6-9) and as EU member states struggle with the cost of living, illegal immigration, government censorship, and food production issues.

Watch the full panel HERE and view some of the highlights below.

  • “’Leaders that love their country, want to secure their country, want to have national sovereignty, these are not extreme positions… this is common sense.”Chad Wolf

  • The strategy for the Left is to create a right of global migration… the consequence of that is that national governance will be overwhelmed and unable to control that and then the response to that is, we would just have global governance – now that is really the agenda.”James Carafano

  • “At this point, you have people come in and say they will retain everything about the country they left and bring it over here instead of embedding in the social fabric.Kara Frederick

  • “[Europeans] know that the EU has failed to address these core issues around individual liberty and the security around border control.”Matt Mowers

  • The Elites, for too long, lied to their populations about the consequences of what they were doing…that there were no cultural differences, there would be no increase in crime…the general populations have had enough of being lied to.Joe Grogan


  • @EUUSForum: Amazing panel discussion with @RubinReport, @karaafrederick, @ChadFWolf, @RealJoeGrogan, @mowers, and @JJCarafano yesterday. In case you missed it, you can watch the full on our YouTube channel here👇 [pictures]

  • @ChadFWolf: Thanks to @EUUSForum for the invite to participate this morning. Great to be alongside @RubinReport @karaafrederick @mowers @JJCarafano @RealJoeGrogan discussing similar migration and border security challenges in the U.S. and E.U.

  • @RubinReportShow: The @EUUSForum is putting on an event with former DHS Secretary under Trump, Chad Wolf. Hosted by none other than @RubinReport. Tune in live to check it out!

  • @JJCarafano: Getting ready to talk at first EU-US Forum in US. Cool initiative by American conservatives.

  • @mowers: Impactful discussion about the impact of illegal migration today with the @EUUSForum alongside @RubinReport @ChadFWolf @RealJoeGrogan @karaafrederick and @JJCarafano. Recent polling shows voters are fed up with inaction in the EU and the US

  • @EUUSForum: WATCH: Earlier this morning, we hosted a panel on migration and border security policy with @RubinReport, @mowers, @RealJoeGrogan, @karaafrederick, @JJCarafano, and @ChadFWolf. Watch the full panel discussion below 👇

  • @cspan: Former Trump Administration Officials on Global Migration & Border Security, @EUUSForum hosts – LIVE on C-SPAN

  • @EUUSForum: Thank you, @RubinReport, for hosting the panel on migration and border security policy with us yesterday. Was a great day with lots of unique perspectives — more to come soon.

2. 📈 RISING RIGHT: The Left in Europe has spent decades forming alliances against the Right to keep them isolated and powerless, but that is about to change.

With Right’s latest rise, conservative leaders Marine Le Pen (France) and Viktor Orbán (Hungary) are hoping to form a coalition joining the ID and ECP groups together to increase their strength in the EU post-election. The two are urging Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni to support the efforts. If this were to come to fruition, it would be the second largest group in Parliament behind the EPP.

The Left’s failed policies have become evident to European citizens and they are ready for a change. Polls are showing that in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria the Right is in the lead, and in Germany, Poland, Latvia, and Estonia they are just behind in second.

In Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, and Finland, young europeans are supporting the Right as much or more than Boomers. And in Germany and Finland, younger citizens are turning away from the far-Left Greens Party, which has been popular for their age group.

Overall, young citizens are moving away from establishment parties and groups to newer formed ones, noting a desired change in the way the EU works and affects their lives.

3. BRUSSELS SHOWDOWN 🐄 🚜: The Dutch Farmers Defense Force with the support of farmers unions in France, the Netherlands, and Spain will defend their industry, livelihood, and continent’s food security and national security in Brussels on Monday. 3,000 tractors and life-size plastic cows are expected to be in attendance.

Dairy farmers are also meeting with the EU’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council on Monday. Dairy farmers from five members states will also begin a “Fair income for farmers now” campaign at the protest.

The European Conservative’s Thomas O’Reilly commented on these developments, saying, “A combination of EU green edicts, free trade agreements, and oversupply caused by the Ukrainian war has created an impossible situation for the people who supply Europe with food.”

LIBERAL INFLUENCERS GET EU FUNDING IN ELECTION YEAR: The EU’s Greens party have been using their public funds to pay influencers to push their messaging. One of these activists has blatantly compared Italy’s, the Netherland’s, France’s, and Hungary’s conservative leaders to Hilter, Mussolini, Putin, and the Nazi regime. The Greens campaign manager said that they utilize thousands of volunteers and “dozens and dozens of [paid] influencers” to get their messaging to the EU youth, their main target base.

EU ELITE DEFY THEIR OWN RULES: European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, defied her own recently passed transparency rules as she failed to report €70,000 in a multi-EU-nation ad buy through Google ads for her campaign which consisted of video ads touting her leadership and commitment to the EU. While this lack of and incorrect reporting of who paid for the ads violates the EU’s new transparency laws, the laws will not be enacted until after next week’s elections. The Commission President also signed a voluntary transparency code of conduct back in April, agreeing to not post campaign ads through a third parties, such as the agency that did so for these google ads.


  • DutchNews: MPS vote to criminalise “from the river to the sea” slogan

  • EuroNews: Far-right leaders seek to sway young voters via social media for EU elections

  • European Conservative: ‘Russiagate’: Police Raids on EU Parliament “Linked to AfD Election Success”

  • Bloomberg: Germany Grants Most Citizenships This Century Chiefly From Syria

  • Politico: Poland to spend €2.3B to reinforce border with Russia, Belarus

  • EuroNews: Member states green light new rules to slash methane emissions

  • Reuters: EU agrees to quit energy investment treaty over climate concerns

  • European Conservative: Report: Gender Ideology “Deeply Embedded” in Scottish Schools

  • New York Times: Former Intelligence Chief Tapped as Next Dutch Prime Minister

  • The Telegraph: Nigel Farage challenges Rishi Sunak to immigration debate

  • EuroNews: Slovenian government recognises Palestinian state pending parliament approval

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DEBATE NIGHT: The EU Parliament’s most recent debate took place last Thursday with only five of the seven political groups represented, notably without the conservative ID and ERC groups. Eurovision required groups to nominate a lead candidate for Commission President ahead of the Parliament elections next week to participate in the debate and the two groups refused to do so. (Parliament elects the Commission President weeks after they are officially in office and it is not a legal requirement for groups to nominate their lead candidate before the elections.)

The candidates mainly used the debate to take shots at the EPP’s lead candidate and current Commission President, von der Leyen, and the liberals Renew group’s Sandro Gozi on whether they would work with with “far-right” groups. The most interesting topic of discussion was immigration ⬇️

  • Walter Baier (European Left): Compares the EU not allowing ‘asylum seekers’ into Europe currently to Western countries not opening borders to refugees to victims of the Holocaust.

  • Sandro Gozi of the Renew EU Now PartyWe must save asylum seekers no matter what… If we had the current migration pact back in 2014 both the asylum seekers and us would be much better off”

  • Terry Reintke of the EU Greens“We are an aging continent we will need migration if we want to sustain our hospitals and if we want to be economically successful.”