EU-US Forum Launches Six-Figure Paid Media Campaign in Netherlands Ahead of Maastricht Debate

Billboards, Mobile Billboard Trucks, and Digital Ads Urge Citizens to Demand Change to the European Union’s Speech and Immigration Policies

The EU-US Forum launched a six-figure paid media campaign urging citizens to demand change to the European Union’s speech and immigration policies. The advertising push – which began on Saturday during King’s Day festivities and will run through Monday night – includes billboards, mobile billboard trucks, and digital ads in both Amsterdam and Maastricht.

The advertisements come at a time when the issues mentioned will be top of mind for citizens in the Netherlands, as a major debate about the future of the EU’s policies will take place in Maastricht on Monday night.

Some of the messages of the ads include:

  1. “Demand Borders. Demand Free Speech. Demand Change at the EU.”
  2. “Stop Brussels from Assaulting Free Speech”

As Politico reported Saturday, EU Commission president candidates from eight parties will participate in a debate in Maastricht on Monday night.

This is the EU-US Forum’s second major paid media campaign during the last week. On Friday, the organization plastered Budapest with a five-figure mobile billboard campaign surrounding CPAC Hungary also calling for change to the EU’s anti-free speech and weak immigration policies.

The EU-US Forum has now spent over $400,000 on paid media efforts throughout Europe during the last two months and is expected to continue to ramp up the pace of its advertising in the coming weeks.


  • The EU-US Forum previously launched a $250,000 paid media campaign in Rome, Italy that took aim at the far-left policy agenda of the EU. The ads ran on billboards in train stations, in key Italian newspapers, on social media platforms, and in the sky via airplane in Rome and read:
    • “EU Policies Are Putting Western Civilization at Risk…Le politiche EU stanno mettendo a rischio la Civiltà occidentale”
    • “EU Immigration Policies Are Making You Less Safe…Le politiche EU sull’immigrazione, ti stanno rendendo meno sicuro”
  • The paid media campaign in Italy also coincided with the organization’s inaugural event in Rome with American influencers, policy leaders, and media personalities who joined with European conservative policy leaders for a discussion about the danger of the far-Left policies emerging from the EU and how they can work together to fight back.
  • The EU-US Forum is led by multiple former Trump administration officials. Matt Mowers, former Senior White House Advisor at the U.S. Department of State, serves as the Founding Board Member and Joseph Grogan, former Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council serves as a Senior Advisor.