June 10, 2024 – Special Edition EU-US Forum Tip Sheet

Welcome to the EU-US Forum Tip Sheet: EU Election Edition. Today we are recapping the highlights from the EU elections. Final results showing huge wins for conservative parties across Europe poured in yesterday, which left some in Brussels in tears 😭, while French conservatives were cheering 🥳 as Macron dissolved the French parliament.

Conservative parties took home major wins yesterday, notably in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, and Austria (So much so that the European establishment press were “RATTLED” by the success).

This is proof that the Left’s policies are not working, and European voters are demanding change. It’s the dawning of a new era in Europe, said EU-US Forum Founding Board Member Matt Mowers in his analysis. Read the full statement below:

“Thanks to tonight’s historic victories by conservative parties across the continent, it’s the dawning of a new era in Europe where conservative ideas can no longer be silenced. Since March, the EU-US Forum has exposed the failed policies and leadership at the EU and has blanketed Europe with messaging to ‘demand change at the EU.’ Tonight’s results prove that Europeans are ready for conservative leadership and reject the far-left path that EU bureaucrats have forged for Europe.

From France to Spain to Germany, conservative policies triumphed. 

Brussels must now hear their citizens loud and clear: Enough is enough, Europeans are sick and tired of living as pawns in the schemes of the global Left-wing elite.

We hope that tonight’s victories in the EU elections stand as a signal for the rest of the world that citizens from both Europe and America are fed up with the dangerous policies that the far Left has been pushing for years: reckless spending, open borders, unfettered regulation.”

As for the EU parliament: Here’s a breakdown of exactly how many seats each party controls. Notably, the conservative parties (ID and ECR) gained seats (4 and 9 respectively), while the far Left parties suffered embarrassing blows: the Greens party lost 18 seats and Renew lost 23 seats.

Just read a few headlines from POLITICO’s live blog from the night:

  • Youngest Germans back small parties and far-right AfD, ditch Greens
  • More than 1 million people who previously voted for the governing coalition have this time voted for the far-right AfD, according to a poll for public broadcaster ARD.
  • Party’s over for the Greens
  • Of course we are disappointed by the number of seats we are getting,” Bas Eickhout, Greens spokesperson.
  • Populists win majority of seats in Czechia
  • Tearful Belgian PM says goodbye
  • Emmanuel Macron calls snap election after EU defeat
  • National Rally supporters applaud Macron, for once! 
    • “They sang ‘dissolution, dissolution!’ as they watched Macron’s address screened at an electoral event before Le Pen took the floor.”
  • Spanish liberals go extinct

What They Are Saying:

  • @VivekGRamaswamy: The press claims the “far right” is dominating the EU parliamentary elections, but here’s another possibility:  believing in national borders & the rule of law is actually just mainstream
  • @ChayaRaichik: Citizens are finally waking up 🔥
  • @EddyWax: Ursula von der Leyen takes just two questions from journalists in the European Parliament. Only really says she will reach out to the Socialists and Liberals to continue her majority coalition, and dodges any questions about whether it will be enough.
  • @PeterSweden: HUGE NEWS. Green parties are COLLAPSING all over Europe in the EU elections. The right-wing parties opposed to the woke agenda, open borders and Net Zero have seen massive wins.


France: In France, the National Rally party “obliterated” President Macron’s party with more than double the number of seats his party has, the highest total ever recorded nationally for the National Rally, and more than the second and third-place party totals combined. These results have led Macron to call for snap elections at the end of the month after losing big to the National Rally.

What They Are Saying: 

  • @RadioGenoa: The French patriots have taken back their home.
  • @PeterSweden: HUGE 🇫🇷​​🇫🇷🇫🇷 The French celebrate at the right-wing National Rally election campaign as they win a massive victory in EU elections. Historic.

Germany: Germany’s conservative alliance and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) parties took home first and second place in the number of seats won for their nation, with 46% of the vote.

What They Are Saying: 

  • @PeterSweden: IT’S HAPPENING 🇩🇪 The right-wing party in Germany celebrate as they are set to be the second largest party in the EU elections. All over Europe the right has seen massive wins.

Belgium: Belgium’s right win was so strong, the Leftist Prime Minister and his entire party’s leadership ended the night in tears, resigning from their posts – “I am convinced that we need a new government quickly, with full powersThe voter’s signal is clear.” Watch the moment HERE.

What They Are Saying: 

  • @TheCalvinCooli1: 🚨Just in: Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has officially resigned.
  • @TaraBull808: BREAKING: Belgium’s globalist Prime Minister Alex De Croo resigns after losing to right-wing parties in EU elections. Is the world finally waking up?

Spain: “Spanish liberals ‘go extinct’ this cycle,” according to POLITICO. As the right-wing Vox party became the third largest party with over 10% of votes, Spain’s liberal party, “Ciudadanos,” completely collapsed, and led to the major losses suffered by the EU parliament’s Renew party.

What They Are Saying: 

  • @PeterSweden: BREAKING🇪🇸: The right-wing Vox party is set to become the third largest party in the Spanish EU election with over 10% of the votes. This comes as the right-wing National Rally got a MASSIVE victory in France. We are seeing a right-wing wave sweeping across Europe.

Austria: Austria’s Freedom Party doubled their seats to 6 this weekend with over 25% of the vote compared to last election’s 17.2%.

Other Notable Wins: 

  • Greece: The ruling conservative party holds its top spot, while other conservative parties rose.
  • Italy: Conservative PM Meloni’s party gained momentum with 28% of the nation’s vote.