March 28, 2024 – EU-US Forum Tip Sheet

Welcome to the EU-US Forum Weekly Tip Sheet, your go-to product for information about the EU-US Forum and its work, timely updates on the dangerous far-left ideas coming out of the European Union, and detailed analysis on the key players influencing European politics.

We will send this out weekly to keep you apprised of the most important political and policy topics in Europe as we continue to work toward our mission of exposing the EU’s radical agenda and the threat it poses to the US and Western Civilization.

1. A WATCHDOG FOR BRUSSELS’ LIBERAL AGENDA: The EU-US Forum officially launched last week to expose the EU’s radical agenda and the threat it poses to the US and Western Civilization.

Founding board member Matt Mowers said, “The EU-US Forum was formed to expose the radical policies originating in Brussels and stop them from infiltrating into the United States. The future of America and the world is hanging in the balance and there is no time to waste.

Read more about the launch here and watch the launch video by clicking the image below.


  • In Print:
  • On TV:
    • Founding Board Member Matt Mowers joined Newsmax, saying: “What we’re seeing is that the same crazy policies that are being enacted in the European Union and across the world are what are infiltrating American politics right now.
  • On X:
    • Ashley St. Clair: “America’s immigration crisis? America’s intensifying fight against censorship? America’s embrace of Marxism? None of these battles are unique to America— The war on the West started in Europe and is spreading rapidly. For the first time in a long time, there is light at the end of the tunnel for European countries that have been decimated under the EU. We have a chance to win the West back + we should.
    • Ryan Fournier: “Awesome to see folks fighting back against radical leftists EU policies. We cannot allow any of these terrible ideas to make themselves at home in the US!
    • Gunther Eagleman: “Americans need to keep fighting back against radical leftists EU policies. We can’t allow any of this s*** to make it to our shores. Keep America, America!

2. WHY WAS VIVEK IN THE ETERNAL CITY? Vivek Ramaswamy joined European conservative leaders and other American thought leaders for the EU-US Forum inaugural event in Rome last weekend where he discussed the importance of national sovereignty and the need to resist the EU’s constant power grabs. Ramaswamy spoke to Breitbart about the event saying, “I appreciated meeting European leaders like Salvini and Ventura who are grappling with issues like mass illegal migration and threats to free speech, just as we face in the United States.

Click here for some photos and more information about the event.


  • Semafor: “[Ramaswamy] spoke at an event there hosted by the newly formed EU-US Forum, a nonprofit led by former Trump officials that bills itself as ‘vigilant watchdogs exposing the radical policies coming out of the EU.’ Ramaswamy, who appeared Saturday at a rally for the right-wing populist ID Party, later attended the EU-US Forum event alongside conservative media stars like LibsofTikTok founder Chaya Raichik, radio host Dana Loesch, and influencer Ashley St. Clair.
  • Breitbart: “Those who attended the forum participated in a discussion around ‘the danger of the far-Left policies emerging from the EU and how they can work together to fight back,’ according to the newly-minted nonprofit’s website.”
  • Dana Loesch: “Is Conservatism Making Enough of a Comeback In Europe?
  • LibsofTikTok: “I met @matteosalvinimi at @euusforum. He’s on trial for trying to stop mass migration in Italy. They’re using lawfare against him for trying to protect his country. He faces up to 15 years in prison for stopping a migrant boat. Beyond insane.
  • Terry Schilling, President of American Principles Project: “So happy to be with partners to promote human dignity and prosperity abroad in Rome… Very inspirational people today that bring the fire for fixing this very broken world. Thanks to @EUUSForum for convening!

3. IT’S A BIRD… IT’S A PLANE… It’s the EU-US Forum’s paid media campaign across Rome. The $250,000 blitz, which bracketed the organization’s inaugural event, included aerial, billboard, newspaper, and digital ads.

Click here for more details about the ad campaign.


  • The European media immediately took notice of the ads, liberal outlet La Repubblica said they caused “dismay among travelers.
  • Italian Senator Claudio Borghi shot back tweeting: “The dismay of travelers should be for the thousands of PRO EU adverts paid for with our money. Not for ONE commercial against.
  • Lega Party leader Matteo Salvini piled on, tweeting: “The only ‘disconcertion’ is that of some left-wing newspapers. Full speed ahead with the wind of change, in Europe and the United States. LONG LIVE FREEDOM!


The top moment this week is a highlight reel of how the EU’s left-wing policies are crushing Europeans.

Cripping regulations, assaults on free speech, uncontrolled illegal immigration and more are the result of failed EU policies…” Click here to watch.


  • Ryan Fournier: “This is why Leftism is quite frankly bad for America. They want to adopt these ideals that do not work in Europe, and they certainly will not work here.
  • Steve McGraw: “Americans, do you want THIS chaos in your country? Of course you don’t! It must be left over there! Make your voices heard.
  • Eric Matheny: “America is worth saving, and it is the Left that continue to promote the failed Globalist policies of the EU on U.S. soil. We have to FIGHT BACK!”


  • Politico: Farmers throw eggs at police, set fires and listen to the Bee Gees as new protest hits Brussels
  • European Conservative: Ireland: Men On Horseback Lead Protest Against Dublin Asylum Centre
  • @EUUSForum: Ursula von der Leyen has a dangerous plan for a ‘global digital ID’ that would lead to CBDC and a cashless society. @Nigel_Farage is right: “If we’re not careful, we head towards a Chinese-style social credit system, where unless you go along with the views of the day, you become a non-person.”
  • @WallStreetSilv: The people of Ireland have had ENOUGH of their government. Huge crowds of people are turning up to protest in Coolock, Ireland due to the government placing 500 fake refugee MEN in their community. Ireland is saying NO to mass illegal immigration. The people want secure borders 🚨🚨🚨
  • @matteosalvinimi: Today at #Bruxelles , producers and farmers take to the streets again with their tractors to say ENOUGH to this wrong and ideological Europe. The League is and will always be on their side. Things will change on June 8th and 9th!
  • European Conservative: Popular French Priest Faces Legal Action for Saying Homosexuality Is a Sin
  • European Conservative: German Police Arrest Two Islamists Planning Terror Attack on Swedish Parliament
  • Politico: Leo Varadkar to stand down as Irish PM
  • @stclairashley: Vivek telling the Europeans that “nationalism” shouldn’t be a dirty word 🔥Time for them to take back their countries from the clutches Brussels!
  • @FundacjaWEI: Let’s experience it again! On March 19, the Warsaw Enterprise Institute together with @ZPPnetpl and @Heritagenorganized the international conference “Future of Europe Forum” in Warsaw. The partner of our event was @EUUSForum.
  • @BGatesIsaPyscho: 🚨🇮🇪 Ireland Rises! Huge Protest today in Ireland as locals take to the streets in revolt of Globalist Policies destroying their beloved country. We support you Ireland 👏 👏

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Founding Board Member Matt Mowers penned an op-ed in the Washington Times detailing the EU-US Forum’s mission to expose the EU’s radical agenda and stop it from infiltrating the US.

“Medicare for All. Health care for illegal immigrants. Undermining American energy production. Banning gas-powered cars. Mass censorship of free speech.

“These dangerous left-wing policies were once confined to a small portion of the Democratic base, but they are now creeping into mainstream public discourse. They have become ideological pillars of the American left.

“Did you ever wonder where these ideas come from?

“They were thought up by bureaucrats in Brussels and are common in the European Union. Thanks to the EU’s radical agenda, its member nations have become hotbeds for illegal immigration, the home to mass censorship of free speech, and case studies for the failures of socialism. And these left-wing ideas from Europe are now threatening the United States more than ever as our leaders continue to try to mirror the EU’s misguided policies.

“If an ocean isn’t enough to stop the EU’s failed socialist agenda, how do we stop it from being adopted by the American left and infiltrating communities here at home?

“That’s where the EU-US Forum comes in. The EU-US Forum is a new nonprofit organization seeking to educate the public on both sides of the Atlantic about the disastrous policies being advocated by the political elite in Brussels and the bleak future that the world faces if we continue following suit in the U.S.”

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