May 2, 2024 – EU-US Forum Tip Sheet

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We send this out weekly to keep you apprised of the most important political and policy topics in Europe as we continue to work toward our mission of exposing the EU’s radical agenda and the threat it poses to the US and Western Civilization.

1. “MAGA ON THE DANUBE”: We descended on Budapest late last week where we conducted a paid media campaign, interviewed American thought leaders and EU citizens about the state of conservatism in Europe, and sponsored CPAC Hungary.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke to a lively crowd of supporters, saying the EU elections in June and U.S. elections in November will be a chance to usher in an “era of sovereignty” modeled on Hungary, which he called a “conservative island.” Read WSJ’s write-up about CPAC Hungary here.

Check out Breitbart’s coverage of our ad campaign and an interview with Former Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf about the state of the EU and US border crises HERE.


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  • @V_of_Europe: EU-US Forum brackets CPAC Hungary with strong message for Hungarians: “Demand change in the European Union”

  • @ChafFWolf: Good to talk with the @EUUSForum at CPAC Hungary about similarities between failed border policies of the EU and the Biden Administration.

2. WHO’S THE LEFTIST OF THEM ALL: The eight largest political parties in the EU and their leaders faced off at the Maastricht Debate on Monday night. The three topics? First, Climate Change, then Foreign and Security Policy, and EU Democracy. Held at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, the crowd of mostly students cheered the loudest for the most Leftist candidates and their most Leftist policies.

We caught some of the best, most shocking quotes and moments of the night. Maylis Roßberg said illegal immigrants are coming to Europe because of climate change and Bas Eickhout has a problem with migration being in the category of defense and security and wants to pour billions more into the Green Deal.

You know we could not pass on the opportunity, so the EU-US Forum launched a six-figure paid media campaign in Amsterdam urging citizens to demand change to the European Union’s speech and immigration policies. The advertising push – which began on Saturday during King’s Day festivities and ran through Monday night – included billboards, mobile billboard trucks, and digital ads. Check out some of the action below ⬇️

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3. GOOD RIDDANCE: Just days after Scotland’s first minister, Humza Yousaf, vowed to continue fighting to support the controversial new anti-free speech law, the far-Left leader stepped down.

Micahel Curzon from the European Conservative wrote“It is likely that he would much rather be forgotten about altogether, rather than be remembered for the unworkable—yet still unmistakably draconian—Hate Crime and Public Order Act which has dominated both the Scottish and wider UK press in recent weeks.”

🚨🚨 THE ANTI EU-US FORUM?: Tuesday it was announced that the EU is trying to infiltrate the US with their far-Left Brussels agenda with the launch of a new campaign to push its dangerous policies to Americans. Their focuses? “Disinformation” surrounding our November election.


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MISSING MIGRANTS: The UK’s $62 million deal that has been in the works for over two years is finally set to deter and send illegal migrants from Rwanda back to their home country while their claims are processed. The only hiccup – thousands of illegal migrants are missing. Despite offering free housing and cash payments to the illegal migrants, the government somehow did not anticipate deportation coming to fruition causing more than 60% of the Rwandan migrants to disappear from them.

The UK deported the first Rwandan asylum seeker who arrived in the UK last year and whose asylum was rejected, was flown back voluntarily and paid over $3,000 to do so. Nigel Farage called the deal a “con” that “won’t stop the boats.”

  • @EUUSForum: The document states that out of 5,700 illegal immigrants, only 2,145 of them are reporting to the Home Office. Another example of how out of control illegal immigration has become. Europe and America must bring it to an end.

  • @RadioGenoa: British police are hunting down undocumented “asylum seekers” to send to Rwanda. Arrests and deportations are only solution.

The EU is also giving Lebanon over $1 billion in financial aid over the next three years to prevent more migrants from coming to Europe.

Meanwhile, Ireland’s illegal immigrant challenges bubble alongside their housing crisis, causing many asylum seekers to live in tents. Ireland’s Justice Minister said, “This is the challenge that we have, that we have advocated for an open border on this island.”