May 23, 2024 – EU-US Forum Tip Sheet

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1. CRIMINALIZING PRAYER: Spain’s socialist government violated citizens’ religious rights and freedom of speech last week when they fined peaceful protesters who were praying outside of a church that was down the street from the socialist party’s headquarters. A few months ago, the Spanish government also arrested an elderly woman while praying outside the socialist party’s headquarters and have subpoenas out for others.

Spain’s Observatory for Religious Freedom and Conscience commented that the government’s actions mark “a trend which may soon reach levels of repression typical of dictatorial regimes like those in Cuba, Nicaragua, or Venezuela.

2. MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD 🤝 EUROPE: Western Islamic experts are warning about the Muslim Brotherhood’s soft power moves that are increasing their influence in Europe. Through a social network and via the internet, the Muslim Brotherhood is able to effortlessly radicalize individuals while simultaneously changing the West’s view on human rights and democracy to make room for their worldwide caliphate.

The Muslim Brotherhood does so through their growing influence and numerous sub-organizations or affiliated organizations that focus on “culture, education, financial investments, political lobbying, and charity.” We see this vividly through the Left’s cries for “protecting democracy” and refusal to uphold and defend protections for citizens and previously protected groups such as women and girls.

In France, the Muslim Brotherhood has doubled in the last four years. Macron has commissioned a report on the Muslim Brotherhood and his Interior Minister says that although the Muslim Brotherhood “does not use terrorism, it uses much softer methods, and works effectively for the gradual tipping of all sections of society into the Islamic matrix.

The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated Sweden’s political parties and European institutions funded by the EU, been welcomed into EU Parliament, and works with European non profits.

The Muslim Brotherhood even has its own “European strategy of 1995.” These tactics are in and are reminiscent of China’s “100 year marathon.” Expert Florence Bergeaud-Blacker who was canceled for researching the growth of the Muslim Brotherhood, mentioned that they acclimate to Europe to better institute Sharia law throughout the continent.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, the newly in power conservatives, led by Geert Wilders, laid out a policy this week stating that the Netherlands will “deport people without a valid residence permit as much as possible, even forcibly.” Wilders said, “The sun will shine again in the Netherlands. It is the strongest asylum policy ever.”


  • @EUUSForum: In case you were wondering why Geert Wilders announced mass deportations and tougher immigration laws, this is why. Islamists in the Netherlands call for a caliphate and Sharia Law — just like what we’ve been seeing in Germany the last few weeks.

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  • @EUUSForum: The Islamic mob pushing for an Islamic caliphate and Sharia Law is now attacking German police. Time to shut it down, once and for all.

3. 🚨🚨🚨 “SECOND CLASS CITIZENS IN OUR OWN COUNTRY”: Thousands of middle and working class Irish men and women have been protesting against the illegal immigration surge and lack of infrastructure. The crisis in Ireland has rapidly escalated in the past few weeks and towns across Ireland are feeling and seeing the effects. This week, protesters took to the streets against the busloads of “asylum seekers” taking them to their new “accommodation center.” The group successfully forced one bus to turn around.

As previously reported, Ireland has had a surge in immigrants in the last few weeks as Britain announced and began their Rwandan deportations and migrants are instead fleeing to Ireland leading to massive tent cities in cities throughout the nation and the people of Ireland are not tolerating any of it.

It was also reported that Ireland is planning on moving illegal migrants to a 162 acre land where they’ll be housed with tents and have access to water and sanitation facilities.

See what the Irish are saying:

  • “At the end of the day, Irish people are on the streets. If we haven’t got enough houses to house our own, how are we meant to help all of these [illegal migrants]?”

  • “I have a clear message for Harris and the rest of our government. This is Ireland, our Ireland, and we will fight like hell to save her!

  • “History is very ironic. The fact that border controls are now being demanded by people in the Republic of Ireland shows how incompetent our government actually are…

Additionally, protests in Dublin have doubled the past year, with most being against illegal immigration. Ireland’s assistant police commissioner blamed it on “the rise of the Far Right.”

EU ELECTIONS TWO WEEKS OUT: The EU’s recent debate on Tuesday, two weeks out of the June elections that will elect 720 MEPs to the EU’s Parliament and decide on policy for the next five years, focused on the economy and was reduced from eight to four candidates from the previous debate in Maastricht. Parties on both sides of the aisle ripped into EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Sandro Gozi, of the EU’s far-Left Renew party, wants to increase European citizens’ already sky-high tax burden with a new tax on food waste. The socialist candidate Nicolas Schmit also supported his calls for increased spending. On the contrary, the conservative ID party’s Anders Vistisen spoke of slaying the bureaucracy by cutting half of the EU’s agencies and nixing 10,000 of its staff.

“Irregular” migration also came up during the debate and von der Leyen ignored the question asking if the numbers were too high in the last few years and stated that she supports millions of legal migrants coming to the EU each year.

The next debate is Thursday night, excluding the ID party. We will be monitoring that next week and report back.


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🚨LETTING PEDOPHILES LOOSE🚨: In a disgusting move, the German parliament voted to decriminalize possession and distribution of child pornography last week, reducing sentences and decreasing the penalty from a felony to a misdemeanor, which will allow criminals to recommit crimes and make more children victims of these heinous crimes. Pro-pedosexual activists are celebrating and saying the decriminalization is “justice.”

Germany just recently made child pornography a crime in 2021.