May 9, 2024 – EU-US Forum Tip Sheet

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1. LET ‘EM DRIVE!: The EU-US Forum came out with a new six-figure ad campaign targeting Germany’s far-left proposal to ban weekend driving. Last weekend,  billboards, mobile billboard trucks, and other marketing plastered Berlin saying “Pump the Brakes. Stop the Leftists’ Weekend Driving Ban.”

The ads target the German Transport minister’s proposal to ban driving on Saturday and Sunday in Germany and set new speed limits to limit their carbon footprint. The European Conservative reported a few weeks ago that Transport Minister Volker Wissing warned that “comprehensive and indefinite driving bans on Saturdays and Sundays” are being considered in place of failed attempts to set emission cuts per sector under the Climate Protection Act.

2. RISE UP!: Since the UK decided to deport illegal Rwandan migrants, they are fleeing across the English Channel to Ireland in massive numbers, exacerbating Ireland’s migrant crisis…and the Irish are NOT happy about it. Ireland has had almost 9,000 illegal immigrants come across the English Channel this year and almost 1,500 last week.

Over the last year, the Irish have been protesting their government’s failed response to this growing crisis and voiced their refusal to have their nation taken over by people who should not be there in the first place. Earlier this week, patriotic protesters traveled to the capital to protest the government allowing hoards of illegal migrants in.

Ireland tried to send these illegal immigrants back to England, but Britain does not want them back and refuses to take any illegal migrants back from any EU nation.

Britain’s Prime Minister stated“We’re not going to accept returns from the European Union via Ireland when the EU doesn’t accept returns back to France, where illegal migrants are coming from. Of course, we’re not going to do that.”


  • @WallStreetSilv: BREAKING: Huge protest in Dublin by Irish patriots against mass immigration. America needs to see this and learn. 🔊 … 🚨🚨🚨

  • @PeterSweden7: MASSIVE PROTEST Large crowd of people in Ireland were out protesting against mass migration. Did you see this on the news?

  • @EUUSForum: ​​IRISH PATRIOT: “I’m here for my children, my grandchildren… our Celtic race, our culture, our traditions… I don’t want Ireland to become an Islam stronghold.” We need more people like this. Keep Ireland, Ireland.

  • @RadioGenoa: Irish patriots say enough to mass invasion. This should happen everywhere in European and American cities.

  • @EUUSForum: The Irish have been more and more restless about the invasion of their country. When will the ‘leaders’ in the EU step up and defend their citizens?

  • @steve_hanke: UNCHECKED ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION = LOTS OF PROBLEMS. More protests have ERUPTED in Dublin, Ireland, against illegal immigrants. Stay tuned.

  • @EUUSForum: IRISH: ‘Second class citizens in our own country!’ This is the case for most of Western Europe. Their elected leaders have prioritized illegal immigrants rather than those they were elected to serve and protect. What more do they need to get the message?

  • @Klaus_Arminius: Ireland: The Irish are chanting “Get them out” Thousands gathered in Dublin to protest against mass immigration This is not the “far-right” or a fringe group. This is the locals saying “NO”. How long can the treasonous politicians keep on ignoring the people?

  • @EUUSForum: Video from Dublin, Ireland shows hordes of illegal immigrants setting up camp on the side of the road. Irish citizens should not have to deal with the housing crisis created by the mass migration of illegals into their country.

3. NGO SMUGGLERS: A “pro-migration cultural association” funded by German NGOs is smuggling people across the Mediterranean Sea. The Italian Government caught a small “rescue boat” smuggling “as many migrants as possible” into Italy.

In the US, we have the cartels smuggling people across the border while nonprofits quietly join in the effort. But in Europe, NGOs are proud of their smuggling, tweeting that their ship will “monitor the waters around Lampedusa, to prevent shipwrecks and other forms of border violence, and facilitate the freedom of movement of all those trying to reach Europe.” Lampedusa is a small Italian island and the closest land for migrants traveling from Tunisia and Libya.

These Leftist organizations have gotten out of hand, and if they are open about smuggling people into Europe, they soon will bring their efforts to the United States. The Left wants law and order destroyed and one of their greatest tools is the deterioration of borders.

$1 BILLION FOR MORE MIGRANTS PLEASE: Back in February, Ursula von der Leyen announced a $1 billion EU aid package to Lebanon, arguing the aid will improve the nation’s border control and stop their incoming migrants from coming to the EU.

But Lebanon is the host nation of Hezbollah, Iran heavily influences their politically unstable government, they have been in a financial crisis for years, and hold 1.5 million refugees – half of which are from Syria and are pouring into the EU every day. The EU just gave $1 billion to a failed state and host of the Iran-backed terrorist group, Hezbollah. Let that sink in. 

No one in their right mind would think that Lebanon would use such “aid” for border control and refugee assistance and many critics are shouting that this $1 billion is going to make matters worse for the EU’s migrant crisis and will be “flowing into a bottomless pit.”

Kelly Petillo, an expert from the European Council on Foreign Relations, adds that this move is sure to fail because the aid to Lebanon “means more insecurity for Syrian refugees,” who will “face more pressure to leave by themselves or be deported. That will result in the opposite of what von der Leyen apparently wants to achieve, creating more pressure for Syrians to move towards Europe.” 

The EU has already given aid to Egypt, Tunisia, and Mauritania – whose migrants are pouring into Europe – and passed the Migration and Asylum Pact a few weeks back which does nothing to stop the mass immigration overwhelming Europe.

For some reason, the EU does not comprehend that an actual solution to this crisis involves closing the borders and providing real consequences for illegal immigrants.

The Spectator reports that this aid is the Left’s efforts to save face regarding a crisis they’ve created as EU elections take place next month and conservatives are expected to gain seats in the EU Parliment due largely to this crisis.


  • @TheSpectator: The European Union can’t buy its way out of the migrant crisis

  • @vilimsky: Europe, where the population is becoming impoverished and the elite is paying billions in tribute to foreign states instead of securing borders and showing strength. We need Fortress Europe, not Europe the paymaster.

  • @weimers: Europe, build walls and stop boats

  • @AndersonAfDMdEP: 🇬🇧|The #EU plans the next refugee deal with #Lebanon#Europe as a fortress against illegal #migration only works with the #EUElection2024, allowing parties that tackle border security to take the helm. #Poland and the #Hungary show how it’s done! #ID

  • @RadioGenoa: Trump says London and Paris are “no longer recognisable”. Obviously due to the invasion of fake asylum seekers. Do you agree with Trump?

  • @RadioGenoa: Undocumented “asylum seekers” are given a new smartphone as soon as they reach beach in Spain. Soon free house/hotel, pocket money, free medical assistance and many other benefits. This madness must stop.

  • @EUUSForum: It seems that more leaders in the EU are coming to the realization that allowing thousands of undocumented immigrants to flood into their country with little to no accountability has cost them, and their citizens dearly. This is a small step in the right direction.


  • European Conservative: Macron: We Need To Send Troops to Ukraine if Frontline Collapses

  • EuroNews: Far right leads in Italy ahead of European parliamentary elections: Euronews poll

  • Politico: Police raid far-right German MEP’s office in China espionage probe

  • European Conservative: U.S. Raises Terror Alert Level for Germany

  • EuroNews: Revealed: MEPs’ millions in outside earnings

  • Politico: Serbia to Xi Jinping: No one reveres you like we do

  • Reuters: EU to target LNG, ships, violations in new Russia sanctions package

  • European Conservative: EU Commission To Sanction Conservative Media Outlet on Unproven Allegations

  • European Conservative: Poland Busts Migrant Smugglers Suspected of Funding Armed Groups

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A CRIME TO TELL THE TRUTH: German AfD party member, Marie-Thérèse Kaiser was convicted and fined for “inciting hatred” against Afghan workers. What did she do? She posted true statistics that Afghan immigrants are committing gang rape at a disproportionate rate compared to others in Germany, expressing concern over the unchecked immigration.

During her hearing, Kaiser said“The mere mention of numbers, data, and facts is to be declared a criminal offense simply because the establishment refuses to accept reality. I won’t let myself be silenced.” But the judge replied saying “Those who attack human dignity cannot invoke freedom of speech.” Kaiser was convicted, but she is appealing the decision.


  • @EUUSForum: This is disgraceful. One of Germany’s few leaders with courage, @hallofraukaiser, has been convicted and fined for posting statistics that showed Afghan immigrants are disproportionately committing sexual assault in Germany. Freedom of speech does not exist for Germans. We stand with Marie-Thérèse Kaiser.

  • @EndWokeness: German politician of the AFD party, Marie-Thérèse Kaiser was just convicted & fined $6,000+ Her crime? Posting statistics showing that Afghan immigrants are disproportionately committing sexuaI assauIt in Germany.

  • @EUUSForum: The fact that a German politician is being prosecuted for simply posting statistics is heinous. If we allow this to become the norm, we will see the exact same thing happening in America sooner than you would expect.

  • @WallStreetSilv: German politician, Marie-Thérèse Kaiser, was convicted for posting statistics showing that Afghan immigrants are disproportionately committing sexuaI assault in Germany. What happened to free speech? 🇩🇪🤔

  • @EUUSForum: A German politician has been CRIMINALIZED for speaking the truth. This is what happens when countries don’t respect the freedom of speech. We can’t allow it to continue down this road.

  • @RadioGenoa: German AfD politician Marie Kaiser has been convicted and fined €6000 for publishing REAL statistics showing that Afghan and African “asylum seekers” commit sex crimes at an exponential rate compared to Germans. Pro invasion fanatics want to hide real data, we won’t let them

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